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King’s Transfer Van Lines Company Profile


King’s Transfer Van Lines Winnipeg is a family-based business that has operated under the direction of John Mellof since its inception in 2005. John has been in the moving industry since 1976 and has an excellent reputation within the industry. We were honored to become a branch office for the King’s Transfer family in 2007 and have worked hard to meet the lofty standards that have been set by our head office in Montreal.

King’s Transfer Van Lines Inc. was started in 1922 in Montreal. Read a detailed history of our parent company here.

What We Do

King’s Transfer Van Lines is a Quality Award winning company that provides relocation services of both household and commercial goods. Using the Atlas Van Lines Network and over 35 years of industry experience, King’s Transfer Van Lines is able to transport almost anything to anywhere, be it locally, nationally or around the world.

At King’s Transfer the employees make a commitment to completing each job with great attention to detail and, as a result, continually receive excellent customer reviews for their work. King’s Transfer is proud of this positive recognition and is dedicated to maintaining this high level of customer satisfaction. At King’s Transfer, ‘true customer service’ will never become a thing of the past.

King’s Transfer is also committed to affiliating itself with great organizations and charities (like Osborne House & ALS Society of Manitoba) in order to become a pillar within Manitoba communities. Through quality move services and community involvement, King’s Transfer is striving to make people’s lives better.

Who We Are

King’s Transfer operates two full service moving & storage companies in Manitoba. The head office is King’s Transfer Van Lines located in Winnipeg. The second office operates as Miller the Mover and is located in Thompson, Manitoba. The Company specializes in long-distance move services (including special product/freight), but has established a thriving local move component in both the Winnipeg and Thompson locations. We are able to provide our customers with ancillary services such as packing & storage in our 22,000 square foot warehouse in Winnipeg and have 9000 square feet of warehouse space in Thompson as well. Long-distance services include the ability to accommodate cross-border and overseas transport. We are an agent for Atlas Van Lines. King’s Transfer was established in 2005 and Miller the Mover has been in operation in Thompson since 1974. The two offices employ up to 65 employees during the busy summers with a minimum of 35 employees in the off-season.