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Posted: March 4, 2023

Expert Tips for Preventing Damage during Your Move

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Your items are sentimental and valuable; the last thing you want is damage to occur during your move. This would be devastating, but following a few easy tips will help prevent damage, and the process will be a lot more enjoyable as a result:

  • Make sure you use the right packaging. 

This is key when moving, and using high-quality packing materials will help prevent damage. If you use a box that is too big, your items will move around inside, and rattling can cause damage, especially if several fragile things are inside one box. If a box is too small, it can warp or burst, and your items can break inside or become deformed. You must select boxes that are large enough to provide wiggle room and use padding to prevent movement. If you must place several things into the box, wrap each item in padding separately. 

  • Use moving blankets. 

These will provide you with added protection and will prevent damage. Moving blankets are especially great for large furniture and appliances because you likely don’t have their original packaging, and the blankets will come in handy. They are thick and soft, and come in rolls that prevent bumps and scrapes. 

  • Hire a reputable moving company. 

Hiring professional movers is necessary because their skills and experience will prevent damage. They will pack the truck strategically and will consider weight to ensure no box is damaged during transit. Some movers will also offer additional services and will pack for you if you are more comfortable with this option. They will handle all your belongings with care, and all your items will arrive in their original condition because professional movers use the right methods and equipment.

  • Try to take apart large pieces of furniture. 

Larger items are harder to move, and it can be challenging to safely move large pieces of furniture. If possible, disassemble these items to ensure safety, and this step will also help prevent damage as the pieces can be easily packed. Just make sure you keep track of all the parts!

  • Don’t try to move on your own. 

Moving is stressful, and there’s a lot to do, so you should not attempt this alone. Hiring professional movers is ideal, but you can also ask family members and friends for help. This will not only help prevent damage, but it will also help prevent injury as well.  

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