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Posted: May 26, 2023


Moving is not a small task, and there are many steps involved. The process can take a long time, and planning ahead is a must if you want to eliminate stress from this equation. Even the smallest details will make a difference, and knowing how to choose the right box for every item will make your next move a lot easier.

Your items are precious, and it’s a must that you select the perfect box for every item. When you choose the right box, it is a lot less likely for your items to break or become damaged during your move. If you’re not sure which boxes to select, the following tips will ensure your items remain protected while they are being transported:

Small Size Moving Boxes

Heavier items should be placed in small boxes to prevent them from moving. Books and canned goods, for example, should be placed in small size moving boxes. Smaller boxes can also be used to group small items together in one box.

Medium Size Moving Boxes

This size tends to be the most versatile and accommodating, and many different items can be stored in these boxes. The only thing professional moving services recommend is that you pay attention to the weight limits that are printed on the box.

Large Size Moving Boxes

Lightweight items and bulky items can be packed in large cardboard moving boxes. Items like pillows, stuffed animals and blankets are perfect for large-size moving boxes.

Wardrobe Box

These boxes are perfect for all of your clothes because you will be able to hang your clothes on a metal rod, the same way you would hang them in your closet. This type of box will prevent wrinkles, and you can unpack your clothes easily in your new home.

Dish Pack Box

These boxes contain dividers that will allow you to separate fragile and small items. This kind of box is ideal for dishes and glassware but can also be used for almost any small item.

TV Box

When you hire professional moving services, you can ask for a special box designed specifically for properly transporting large televisions.

Electronics Box

These boxes contain thick walls and can accommodate different types of electronics, including microwaves, sound systems and desktop computers.

Mattress Bags and Boxes

Both your mattress and box spring need protection during a move, and plastic mattress bags are ideal for protection. You can also consider mattress boxes with handles if you are interested in extra protection.

Extra Tall Box

If you have tall and narrow items like floor lamps or golf clubs, you will need an extra tall box to accommodate such items.


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