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Posted: June 30, 2014

Moving on a Rainy Day in Winnipeg

Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day. It has been raining in Winnipeg for what feels like the last eleven billion consecutive days, but that doesn’t slow down furniture movers. Rain or shine you possession date remains the same and the move must go on (unless you change the date that is).

Of course moving on a rainy day does present challenges, but King’s Transfers employees are well trained on how to deal with a messy weather situation. You can be assured that the movers leave the shop every morning thoroughly equipped to proceed to protecting both your home and your furniture regardless of the weather.

How King’s Tranfers’ mover will protect you home and furniture on a rainy day:

  • Hall runners will be laid across floors to protect them from water.
  • Mattresses will be bagged.
  • Overstuffed furniture will be stretch-wrapped.
  • Furniture will be covered and padded.
  • If required, the movers will lay plywood across messy or muddy driveways.

You can rest assured that regardless of the weather, your household and belongings will be protected.

Hopefully we see some sunshine soon. Happy Canada Day!