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Packing And Moving Tips

Jul 11, 2020

Moving can be overwhelming but the right packing tips will help make the process easier and a lot less stressful. If you are planning a move, the following tricks and organization tips will help:

Create A Checklist

Draft a checklist that includes a timeline so that you have a visual of all the things you need to do and the amount of time you have to accomplish them. Knowing this information will help you be more realistic about your situation and will allow you to manage your move successfully, as no detail will be forgotten.

Declutter Your Home

This is a very important step because it will prevent you from moving unnecessary items to your new location. Figure out which items to toss, keep, donate or sell because this will make the packing process a lot easier and you will have fewer items to take. This applies to furniture as well, so take some measurements to determine whether or not your current furniture will fit into your new space and proceed accordingly.

Use Quality Moving Boxes

If you want your items to arrive in their original condition, it is important that you pack them in sturdy boxes that will not fall apart because durability is a must, and grocery or liquor boxes are not ideal. Moving boxes are very affordable and will provide you with peace of mind, so they are definitely worth it.

Do Not Leave Packing To The Last Minute

It is important that you don’t procrastinate because packing everything the night before your move will lead to anxiety and stress. You will end up packing incorrectly, which can compromise the condition of your belongings, so start packing early so that you have enough time to do it right. Label your boxes and organize your items so that the unpacking process is easy and you’re not overwhelmed in your new house.

Use The Right Size Boxes When Packing & Be Sure Each One Is Full To The Top

Heavy items should be placed in small boxes and lighter items should be packed in larger boxes because this will ensure that most of your cartons are a reasonable weight. It is also important to fill each carton right to the top to stop cartons from being crushed. There are special techniques that your Sales Consultant can provide you to ensure you pack your possessions safely.

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