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Posted: October 3, 2014

Cross Canada Moving Long Distance from Winnipeg to Calgary

Hi Jill,

I apologize, it’s been a few days since the unload, but of course I’ve been very busy with unpacking!

I have to say, we have been thoroughly satisfied with your company and it’s employees. We happy with your affiliates.  The crew that came on July 4th in Winnipeg were very professional and considerate!  Kudos to all 3 of them!!  They did a great job and were very accommodating to our needs.

The same can be said about the crew here in Calgary.  No one would let me move a single box!!  They wanted me to tell them if I changed my mind about an item and had no problem moving things twice!

I hope that the good words get back to the right people about a job well done!

I hope I don’t move again soon…but if I did, I would want to work with someone like you again!