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Tips For Having A Quality Move Experience

Jul 22, 2021

There are millions of moves that happen each year in Canada and so many companies to choose from to provide your service. The key to ensuring you get the move you deserve is to hire the right moving company that will look after you properly. Here are a few ways you can make sure that you are hiring the right team for your big move and getting the services you need.


You can’t rely on a flashy website or charismatic salesperson to confirm that a company is reputable.  Anyone can create a website and there are many con-artists that will give you a great price that sounds too good to be true (and often is).  And many of these internet bookers do not own a single truck and some don’t even have an office.  They are simply bookers that take their cut and then sell off your move to truck drivers.  This leaves you unprotected should you have any problems during the move.  To protect yourself you need to check with the Better Business Bureau to find out the company’s rating and complaint history.  You should also check if they are members of the Canadian Association of Movers – especially for long-distance moves.  This organization only allows quality organizations that meet specific standards to become members.  And if a company is part of a national van line they will be backed by a larger organization that holds Agents accountable for any service failures and looks after the customers.


There have been less in-person estimates done during COVID, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a quality estimate.  A professional Sales Representative can provide you with a realistic idea of the cost for your move.  For local moves you should be able to get a good approximation of time it will take to complete your hourly move.  For long-distance moves the experienced Sales Representative can provide you with a very accurate estimate on the weight of the goods you are moving and can provide you with a quote based on that weight.  This is done by a virtual walk-through or simply a room by room review over the phone.  A quality Sales Representative will ask you relevant questions about what you need to be moved and any additional services you may need.


There is no doubt that moving is an expensive undertaking, but don’t just consider price when setting up your move.  Consider your time and needs.  Packing Services are an additional cost for your move, but can be an excellent time-saver for customers and also ensures that the packing is done properly to protect your goods.  And (should something be damaged) the Company will look after repair or replacement if anything should go wrong.

Do you need any other special services – an extra pick-up or drop-off, short-term storage for staging your home to sell, long-term storage while you locate your new home?  Let your Sales Representative know about your special circumstances or about any questions you might have.


Once you have determined the mover you want to choose let them know.  Be sure to give them the correct loading and delivery addresses and provide accurate phone contact information.  This will ensure everything goes smoothly on move day.  Then get a written confirmation of your move details – dates, addresses, quoted rate (for locals) or estimated price for long-distance.  These documents are proof of your contract with the moving company.  Be sure to review the confirmation documents thoroughly to be sure the information is accurate and to be well-informed about what to expect.  If you can’t get this in writing don’t choose that mover.


Most reputable movers will not require you to pay a deposit before the move. Local moves are billed by the hour and the Driver will collect payment at completion of the job. For a long-distance move you must pay when the truck arrives to deliver your goods and you will have been advised of the final bill amount prior to your goods arriving.  If you pay at the time of booking, you risk losing the deposit to an unethical company that will take your money and disappear or sell-off your move booking.


A reputable moving company will do an inventory listing of all your goods at the time of loading for all long distance moves.  When the loading is complete you will be provided with a copy of the inventory listings to keep for when the goods delivered.  For local moves inventories are not done unless there is storage, as goods are going straight from one home to another in the same truck.


The delivery crew will set up properly to protect your new home with floor runners and padding.  They staff will bring goods into your home, asking where you would like things placed.  With a local move this is straight-forward.  When moving long-distance you should be completing a check-off for each item as it is received.  This check off will coincide with the numbers on the inventory listings you were provided when your goods were loaded.  Completing the check-off will confirm that you have received all of your goods.  Have the Driver make notes for any concerns you have at delivery. And should anything go wrong call the office that booked your move for assistance.

Remember – When you move you are moving your valued possessions and you want them to make it from place to place in one piece and you want everything to go smoothly.  Do your homework, choose a reputable moving company like King’s Transfer Van Lines to ensure you have a quality move with a Company that is a member of the Canadian Association of Movers and a member of the Better Business Bureau.  You get what you pay for and King’s Transfer will not be the cheapest, but we will do it right!

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