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To Pack Or Not To Pack? Tips From Full-service Movers

May 9, 2023

Packing up a whole home might seem like a complex, often impossible, chore when one has a lot to do and many tasks stacking up on their to-do list. Who wants to make an already tricky move even more difficult? For individuals that feel this way, it is an inexpensive and practical alternative to hire full-time professional moving companies in Winnipeg to handle the planning, boxing, sealing, and packaging ahead of time.

But if you are still wondering what you should pack and what to leave on your movers in Winnipeg. Read the given tips from full-service movers to help you with your moving. 


Ensure you have the necessary materials or just a few things before loading your house. While purchasing boxes from your neighbourhood supermarket can occasionally save a few dollars, hiring a reputable mover will ensure you get high-quality packing supplies at a reasonable cost. You will also require strong boxes in various sizes, packaging tape, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, and tags.

Your best option is to depend on the specialized packing services provided by your transport company for elevated or fragile items, while for valuables, you can do that yourself. These things may include:

  • To protect the safety of any sentimental things, such as family photos or heirlooms, it may be advisable to pack them personally.
  • Proper packing of some things, such as electronics and antiques, may require specialized knowledge. It is best to delegate the duty to experts in these situations.
  • Rather than being packed by the movers, jewellery, cash, and other precious goods should be filled by you or kept with you throughout the relocation.


You can reduce your moving costs by doing a little of your packing. That is only true if you don’t lose or damage any stuff due to poor packing. Moving companies know to ensure that your most essential possessions arrive securely, so hiring them is the best option unless you’re ready to take a chance.

Here are some things you can quickly pack yourselves if you’d want to be cautious; just keep in mind that your transport company is not accountable for any harm to anything you fill personally:

  • Books 
  • Crucial records
  • Clothing
  • Blankets
  • Jewelry


Time is the most important thing when packing, as moving or packing stuff takes a lot of time and effort. But if you are stuck with a job and cannot manage much time for packing your posessions, it’s always reliable to leave your worries on moving services in Winnipeg. 


Do you require the services of a Winnipeg moving business to provide excellent supplies for your do-it-yourself move? Do you prefer the assistance of a skilled full-service mover who can easily pack your entire apartment? Regardless of your requirements, King’s Transfer, the best moving service in Winnipeg, is here to help you relocate as safely and stress-free as possible.

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