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Posted: August 4, 2014

Manitoba Continues To Be Moved by Terry Fox

Terry Fox and his Marathon of Hope may have been forced to stop short of Winnipeg, but the impact of his journey did not. Terry Fox inspired thousands of Manitobans and millions of people around the world. Manitoban Terry Fox Runs now take place all over the province – from Winnipeg to Dauphin, to Thompson, to Swan Lake, and beyond. Beyond Manitoba, there are annual runs all over the country and they have started to span the world. There was a Terry Fox run in Abu Dhabi of the  United Arab Emirates this year. That kind of reach is incredible.

Terry Fox and his efforts have been the driving force behind countless fundraising initiatives. The Terry Fox Foundation alone has raised over $650 million for cancer research worldwide.  Terry has also been the subject of thousands of hours of history classes for Canadian youth. Terry Fox inspired people from all over the world and now he has a day named after him. Well earned! Terry Fox is a Hero and one who deserves to be honored.

We are honored to share the highways on which you once ran.

Happy Terry Fox Day Manitoba!