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Movers Winnipeg

Choosing the right movers is not an easy thing to do. There are a lot of movers, and every company offers their own set of services, so you need to do your research to hire the best company to help with your next move.

When choosing a moving company, make sure you consider the following:

License And Insurance

All reputable moving companies are licenced and insured, so ask to see these documents. If they are not licensed, you and your belongings can run into a number of headaches, so do not hire them unless they can prove these two aspects.

Forms Of Payment

Most professional moving companies will accept all forms of payment. If they insist on a cash payment, consider this a red flag because some companies that only accept cash may not be legitimate. If they ask you to pay for an estimate, this, too, should be considered a red flag because reputable movers will offer customers a free moving estimate.

Reviews And Recommendations

Ask your family and friends for a recommendation. This type of feedback is best because you can trust information from people you know. Your family and friends will provide you with their honest opinion, and you will know what to expect from the movers based on their experiences. If they provide you with positive feedback, you will feel confident when hiring those same movers, and if they tell you they had a negative experience, you will know to hire a different company. You can also check online reviews to read about the experiences of past clients and can use this information to help with your decision.


We all love a good deal but a low quote is not always something to celebrate because this fee may not include all of the charges. If a quote feels like it is too good to be true, it’s usually because it is, and a low quote may not be the amount you will be charged. Ask for details so that you know what the rate estimate actually includes and choose a company that offers fair and accurate quotes.


Moving does take skill, so experience is a must because it means they know how to handle your belongings. This will provide you with peace of mind, and your items will arrive at your new location in one piece. If the movers have been in the business for a number of years, it’s because they are good at what they do, and you will feel more comfortable hiring them.


Review the contract carefully to ensure it is complete and comprehensive. If there are blanks or missing parts, do not sign the contract because professional movers will always complete a contract in full.

King’s Transfer is one of the most reputable moving companies in the Winnipeg area, and our professional movers will provide you with all of the services you need. Contact us today for more information!

Movers Winnipeg

Moving can be a challenge, but the right team of movers will make sure the process is stress-free. If you have a move coming up in Winnipeg and the surrounding area the following tips will help you find the best movers for the job.

Think About The Services You Need

Consider the type of move you need – the size of your move and the distance, and any specialized services you may require. Relay this information to Moving Consultants that you are asking for a quote for services. With the correct information they can better understand your needs and make sure they tailor services to meet your needs.

Ask Family And Friends For A Recommendation

This will provide you with references you can trust because your family and friends will give you honest feedback based on their personal experience. If you hear a lot of positive feedback you will feel much better about your decision and can hire that same company. And you can avoid hiring a Company that was not able to provide good quality services. References based on first-hand experience are always an excellent choice.

Check Out The Company Online

Make sure The Company is a member of the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM). This organization has a code of ethics to which its members must adhere. Membership with the Better Business Bureau is a good sign and you can check ratings with them, as well as Google. How long has the Company been in business? A Company with a long history in the community is a strong sign that they are more reliable.

Get Multiple Estimates

Reputable moving companies will have Moving Consultants that can answer all your questions and think of things you may not have thought of already.  They will review the details of your move and provide you with a written estimate. You should get at least 3 quotes before you choose a Mover. Most local moves are based on an hourly rate. Long-distance move costs are based on the weight of your items and how far they need to travel. Discuss all the specifics of your move with the Moving Consultant.

Watch Out For Red Flags

If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Don’t base your choice of movers on price alone. You are turning over your valued possessions to the care of The Company that is moving you. Beware of Companies that only have a cell phone number and no physical address, that ask for payments prior to your move, that are not members of CAM and the Better Business Bureau. You need to be cautious when hiring movers because not all of them are honest or they may not offer proper after-move support should something go wrong.

Choose King’s Transfer

King’s Transfer is a proud member of the Canadian Association of Movers and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They have been in business for more than 15 years and have the experience and skills to provide you with a quality move. So if you are looking for exceptional service, contact King’s Transfer today!

The process of moving can be stressful for anyone, but with the right tips and professional help, it can become a seamless and calm transition. If you are a senior and are planning to move, the following tips will help:

Movers Winnipeg

Hire the right movers

You are moving your valuable possessions.  Don’t choose the cheapest company – choose a quality company.  Check out the Better Business Bureau for their rating, see if they are members of the Canadian Association of Mover, and be sure they have a good reputation.  Do your homework to ensure you hire a quality service provider to do your move.

Familiarize yourself with your new space

This will provide you with comfort because you will know how to move around your new home and can plan how to unpack accordingly. The size of the space and the number of rooms are things you should familiarize yourself with so you can plan where to place the boxes and make things easier on yourself. Boxes should be placed throughout the home strategically so that you have enough room to walk through your new home safely.

Keep your essentials by your side

Any medications or a first-aid kit should be easily accessible, so do not pack them away and place them in a bag that you can carry by your side. Ask family members and friends to help with the packing process and try to do this in an organized fashion so that unpacking is easy. Make sure to ask them in advance so that you are ready come moving day and don’t forget to gather the right supplies like boxes and packing tape (your Sales professional can help with this).

Don’t be afraid of change

Moving is not easy and it’s common for seniors to feel nervous about this change. These feelings are very natural and it’s important that you deal with any mixed emotions so that you are ready to start a new chapter.

King’s Transfer understands the challenges that come with moving and our professional team of movers will help you every step of the way. We are one of the top moving companies in the Winnipeg area and offer a number of different services, so if you want a positive moving experience, give us a call today!

Moving can be overwhelming but the right packing tips will help make the process easier and a lot less stressful. If you are planning a move, the following tricks and organization tips will help:

Moving Companies Winnipeg

Create a checklist

Draft a checklist that includes a timeline so that you have a visual of all the things you need to do and the amount of time you have to accomplish them. Knowing this information will help you be more realistic about your situation and will allow you to manage your move successfully, as no detail will be forgotten.

Declutter your home

This is a very important step because it will prevent you from moving unnecessary items to your new location. Figure out which items to toss, keep, donate or sell because this will make the packing process a lot easier and you will have fewer items to take. This applies to furniture as well, so take some measurements to determine whether or not your current furniture will fit into your new space and proceed accordingly.

Use quality moving boxes

If you want your items to arrive in their original condition, it is important that you pack them in sturdy boxes that will not fall apart because durability is a must and grocery or liquor boxes are not ideal. Moving boxes are very affordable and will provide you with peace of mind, so they are definitely worth it.

Do not leave packing to the last minute

It is important that you don’t procrastinate because packing everything the night before your move will lead to anxiety and stress. You will end up packing incorrectly, which can compromise the condition of your belongings, so start packing early so that you have enough time to do it right. Label your boxes and organize your items so that the unpacking process is easy and you’re not overwhelmed in your new house.

Use the right size boxes when packing & be sure each one is full to the top

Heavy items should be placed in small boxes and lighter items should be packed in larger boxes because this will ensure that most of your cartons are a reasonable weight.  It is also important to fill each carton right to the top to stop cartons from being crushed.  There are special techniques that your Sales Consultant can provide you to ensure you pack your possessions safely.

King’s Transfer is one of the leading moving companies in the Winnipeg area. We offer a number of services and can help with all of your moving needs. If you want movers who are reliable, professional and trustworthy, give us a call now!

Atlas Van Lines National Quality Award Winners

King’s Transfer is proud to be celebrating the achievements of our Moving Consultant Team. Both of our moving consultants, Humphrey Swarbrick and Jill Franchuk, have been recognized as Atlas Van Lines National Quality Award winners for their achievements over this past year.

Humphrey Swarbrick, Second Place Ranking

Moving Services Winnipeg

Humphrey attained a 2nd place ranking after ranking 1st the previous two years. Humphrey has been working in the moving industry for 24 years and we have been fortunate enough to have him working for our office since November 2006. His industry knowledge provides his customers with confidence in what to expect in terms of services and costs for their moves. We are proud to have Humphrey as a member of the King’s team!

Jill Franchuk, Third Place Ranking

Moving Services Winnipeg

Jill Franchuk has been in the moving industry for only 8 years, but has quickly mastered the skills required to attain 3rd place in the Sales Awards category for the King’s Transfer office. It is Jill’s sustained work ethic and focus on detail that makes her an asset to both customers and for King’s Transfer!

We are extremely proud of our Moving Consultants and their dedication to customer service. We strive to give every customer the perfect move and we couldn’t do it without our team. Their commitment or customer service is key in us achieving our own quality goals.

If you are looking to hire a mover, you can trust King’s Transfer and our team of Atlas Van Lines National Quality Award Winners to provide you with a free estimate.



The team at King’s Transfer Van Lines Winnipeg is excited to announce that we’ve received an Gold Quality Service Award from Atlas Van Lines. In order to qualify for a Gold Award, an agent must sustain an A rating for a full calendar year.

At King’s Transfer Van Lines we take great pride in our customer service and we work diligently to provide every customer with a top flight move. We literally roll out the red carpet as we enter your home.

Over the years, our team has won numerous Quality Awards from Atlas Van Lines. We are also been able to maintain and A+ rating with the Better Business Beareau. When it is time to book your next move, call King’s Transfer Van Lines to ensure you receive the royal treatment.



Watch for the King’s Transfer tent at the RE/MAX Miracle Makers tournament this August.

The ALS Society Annual Charity Dinner is at the end of this month. Owner’s John and Loreen attend each year and enjoy the comraderie of staff and fellow supporters involved with this great organization every year. You can get out and help by participating in the ALS Walk that is held every June at Assiniboine Park.

We have updated our staff photos for our office and sales staff. Take a look under the “About” tab to put a face to a name. It’s always nice to know to whom you are speaking.


Just want to get back to you expressing our complete satisfaction with the move your team did for us earlier this month.  The folks both in Winnipeg and Montreal were just excellent in every respect.  Moving across the country in the middle of winter is highly stressful at the best of times, but these folks really made it easy with their incredible efficiency and consummate professionalism.  We cannot say enough about the level of customer service we got.  Not a single item was broken and they never left a single scuff mark on any of the walls.  Karl (the Atlas driver) and his guy can move a fridge up a flight of stairs just about as easily as I could carry a suitcase.  That was amazing to see.  On top of that they are so friendly and cheerful when they are doing their work and that really makes the move less stressful for the customer.  Karl said he did not want to leave our place in Montreal until we were completely satisfied with everything.  These people clearly enjoy what they do and it shows.

 In brief, you get top marks and our highest possible recommendation. 

 Thanks and all the best,

 Bruce Gartner